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Welcome to TIMEBELT:

Timebelt tells the story of Dr. Daniel Bloom, a scientist working for the government's Time Laboratory in the not too distant future. When his colleague and new love, Dr. Sara Becker, is accidentally killed in a lunar shuttle accident, Dr. Bloom rushes ahead with his latest experiment-- a belt that allows the wearer to travel through time-- in an attempt to save Sara's life.

Unfortunately, the Timebelt malfunctions, and Dr. Bloom begins a journey that will take him "there and back again" as he is hurled through time and space. When he attempts to bring himself back to that fateful moment and rescue his true love, he encounters deadly cyborgs, beautiful Amazons, horrible zombies, a maniacal nemesis, dinosaurs, and even Hitler himself!

Created by Chris Tallman, Timebelt debuted on June 30th, 2003 as part of the very first screening of Channel 101, a monthly video contest founded by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab as an outlet for those frustrated by the current state of the entertainment industry.

Episode One's tale of an ordinary man driven to attempt the extraordinary was a hit with the audience and landed it in the Top Five of Channel 101's "Prime Time."

With Episode Two, Todd Bishop came on board as Editor, Producer and eventual DP, while Tallman continued providing the Writing and Direction that made the show such a hit. Timebelt held its popularity and remained in Channel 101's top five for a record-setting eight episodes, running strong until its conclusion in March of 2004.

Fans of comic books, super-heroes, pulp sci-fi, robots, sexy space chicks, super villains, and classic serials will no doubt love Timebelt. Those who crave drama and romance won't be disappointed either, as Timebelt has them both in spades. We hope you will enjoy these episodes; they were great fun to make.


Dr. Bloom


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