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Episode 1
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Episode 1 "Just A Theory"

Dr. Daniel Bloom (Chris Tallman) and Dr. Sara Becker (Catherine Perkins) are scientists developing an experimental form of time travel-- the Time Belt.

When disaster strikes, and Sara is killed, Dr. Bloom acts without thinking in a desperate attempt to save his lost love.

Episode 2
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Episode 2 "Got Any Micro-Transistors"

Flung far into the future, Dr. Bloom finds himself face to face with Garrett (Derek Mears), an evil cyborg.

Things go from bad to worse when a sinister stranger (Rob Schrab) appears, wearing a Time Belt of his own.

Episode 3
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Episode 3 "Hitler!"

Dr. Bloom is in Nazi Germany and Hitler (Jeremy Carter) has the Time Belt.

The good doctor must battle past Nazi girls and laser eyes to save Anne Frank (Andy Goldblatt) and continue his rescue mission.

Episode 1
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Episode 4 "Can I Tell You A Story?"

Dr. Bloom awakens safe at home, with his wife and son at his side.

His journey is over...or is it?

Episode 5
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Episode 5 "Oh. Shit. Zombies."

The Halloween episode.

When the world is overrun by the living dead, Dr. Bloom must join forces with the last woman alive (Paget Brewster) on a suicide mission to retrieve the Time Belt.

Episode 6
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Episode 6 "Computerman...Kill Dr. Bloom!"

A Channel101 crossover.

Things are already tense between Dr. Bloom, Eugene (Dan Harmon), and Computerman (Jack Black) when Montague arrives. Initiate fight sequence.

Episode 7
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Episode 7 "...At The Table Of The Gods."

Dr. Bloom lands at the beginning of time-- in the middle of a fight to the death between bloodthirsty dinosaurs and savage Amazons.

Without the Time Belt, will he ever see Sara again?

Episode 8
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Episode 8 "Finally."

Dr. Bloom learns that the Time Belt has thrown the world into chaos.

He must return to where it all began and make a choice: Will he sacrifice Sara in order to save the world?